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This is a unique record. I’ve been writing songs since I was 16 mostly for others to sing but was dormant for several years. I was on Covid lockdown with nothing to do. Ed asked me to drum on his album and we exchanged musical ideas remotely. Somehow, I got the bug to write songs again. Over time, I wrote 13 new songs but was currently not in an original band. I’m a drummer - not a singer. I play guitar and piano enough to write songs. I needed a lot of help. I had the extreme fortune to know many emotive and professional singers who graciously agreed to be on the album and all 11 different singers made these songs their own. I also know so many fantastic and unbelievably great bass players, keyboardists, horn players and guitarists (16 are on this CD) who put in the time to realize my vision of these group compositions. We rehearsed with three different rhythm sections and recorded the same way. Though this is my first solo record, it is anything but.


Ed deserves special praise for inspiring me to write songs again and for his collaboration in creating some truly awesome demos. This record would not have happened without him. Ronnie Newmyer acted as my artistic consultant and his enthusiastic encouragement was contagious. My experience with BandHouse Gigs introduced me to almost all the musicians who made this album. I’ve got an all-star cast of characters and I am humbled by how lucky I am. DC area’s musicians are second to none. There is so much talent on this record it simply amazes me.


The last two songs The World Is Waiting and Moving to Seattle were recorded over the past ten years but never put on a CD. Tom Lofgren, my bandmate for life, made these songs possible as he has done for me for decades.


Thanks to all my patient bandmates in the original bands I’ve been in: Off Balance, Big Yankee Dollar, The Newkeys, The Lazyboys, SUMA, Paper Umbrella and The Powers That Be. All these bands were supportive of my tunes which was instrumental in teaching me how to write songs fearlessly – for others to sing and play.


Special thanks to: Susanna for always being there for me the many times when I absolutely needed her assurances and helpful suggestions; Michael and Lisa for their appreciation of my indulgences over the years and keeping me young at heart; and to anyone who listens to this record. I hope you enjoy it!

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